Humi Gold Liquid

Humi Gold Liquid

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Humi Gold 

Use Humi Gold at root zone and as foliar spray.

Main Ingredients :

Humic Acid, Foliac Acid, Amino Acid, Organic Plant Tonic

Seed Treatment :

2.5 to 5 ml/kg seed in sufficient quantity of water.

Seeding/ Root Drip :

1.0 ml per litre of water.

Foliar Spray :

0.5 ml. per litre of water at actively growing and reproductive stages.

Drip and sprinkler irrigation :

500 ml. per acre in sufficient quantity of water.

Humi Gold may be used on all plants, including fruits, vegetables and crops.

Humi Gold improves crop yield bimproves crop yield by:

          Improves Plant Health

         Accelerates Germination

         Improves plant ability to take in vital nutrients

         Especially effective in sandy soils

     Increases Soil Carbon