Double Fighter

Double Fighter

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Plant Extract Combined With Natural Oils

Double Fighter

With the help of our professionals, we have been able to process, export and supply our clients a wide range of Bio pesticides which are processed by growing and concentrating naturally occurring organisms and/ or their metabolites including bacteria and other microbes, fungi, nematodes, proteins, etc. Further, these pesticides are used against crop diseases, which have already established themselves on a variety of crop. Bio pesticides are widely acknowledged for their features such as purity, effectiveness, non-toxic nature and long shelf life.

Content : Oil of Wild plant seeds, Fatty Acid, Alkaloids and Sticking Agent.

Function : For the control of Lepidopteran & Dipteran chewing insect pests such as American bollworm, Fruit borer, pod borer, Hairy caterpillar, pink & spotted boll worms, Leaf roller, Tea tortrix, Red spider mite.

Dose : 100 ml per Liter of water

Recommended : Crops Any Field Crops and Horticultural Crops.